God’s Real…

I met God. He’s in my life. I talk to Him, feel Him, and know that He’s changed me and is continuing to do so.

Maybe you’ve read a book called The Bible or at least heard of it? It presents the history of the Earth, explains mankind’s fall, and there’s a lot about God in there. Ultimately the hero of the book is God’s son who is named Jesus. There are a lot of heroes in there, villains too, but the super hero of the story is Jesus. God sent His Son to make a way for us to actually be redeemed… I know it sounds weird, but it’s really pretty cool!

Jesus is amazing! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing, but I’m so thankful that He died for me. Yes, He died for me. That’s the deal actually, as a sinner I was facing the penalty of death. Jesus went to the cross and died for me. He actually did that for whoever believes in Him and invites Him into their lives. Whoever!

It’s complicated, but it’s neat. Yes it sounds a bit religious, but don’t let that confuse or dissuade you if you’re interested. All you’ve got to do is start talking to God… Maybe read the Bible a bit if you’d like to know more or go to where they read and learn from it, so someone can teach you some more… God will show you He’s real, if you are willing to put some faith in Him.

Rock on!!! I love you.

I wrote this last week on my Facebook page