Monthly Archives: August 2014

Be Different

BEDIFFERENTWhat a hard lesson.

We’re so easily persuaded that we’re not good enough, smart enough, or special enough that we don’t bring our uniqueness to what we do.

We’ve all tried to be like someone we’re impressed by.

We’ve all looked at what works for others and tried to do the same. Sometimes it even works, but too often duplicates that work only spawn more duplicates and eventually we’re just one of a crowd that’s eventually is seen as uninteresting and more of the same!

Even originals suffer if they do not continue to differentiate themselves from those so likely to copy them. One’s greater hope today is to be him or herself better than and to a greater degree than ever before and then regularly do what those likely to copy them don’t expect. One of one is always harder to copy and steal from than one of many…